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Office Setup, Install and Training

You are Covered

We have got you covered, there is no way that we are going to leave you on your own with the help. We will provide all the help that you need and deserve. And you deserve best, we are here to help you always.

Get Started

Like the website says, Get Started with the Office Installation, We are saying once you are done with the Office installation on your computer, Let’s Get Started with the Microsoft Office training.

The Right Way

The right way is to go through the process of how to use and set up a good environment for your Office. Only then you should go ahead and visit to setup your Office. The Officials take it seriously.

Download and Installation



Visit the main website developed for the Office Installation purpose. (user any browser).



You Will have to make a new Microsoft Account if you don’t have one. Once Logged in. You can proceed.



Once you have been through “FOUR” Step, You will be guided to your Office Download page.



Once you have visited the website, You can log in to the Microsoft account that you have created while purchasing.



You might have to place your Product key if you have bought office from local store or offline Source.



You have downloaded Office, You just need to Run the Office Setup on your Computer to use it now.

Product key

Product Key is required only when you have purchased Office Offline or from a local store. This is not required when you have made the purchase online. This is easy process though but can be hard to handle for some. If you want help you can contact us, though we recommend you not to share your product key with the US or anyone. Someone might be able to phish you or scam you.

Office 2019

There have been updates to the Microsoft Office before but Office has never been this good before. Office has now integrated A.I features that enables you to advance your work within no time.

Latest Features

Your Office is not just another Productivity tool that can do just the regular stuff but it one of the most powerful software that can even help you create brand identities.

They Listen

Microsoft won’t let you down. For Microsoft, Customer is everything and the best part about being a Microsoft customer is getting the treatment from their support team like no other.

Top rated Software

For people with a need for Productivity, That is every day and the general public. The office is one of the best tools to work with. This is easy and yet the most powerful productivity tool that can turn your productivity problems to dust within no time. Many offices and businesses are regular customers for the Microsoft Office Productivity tool. Buy your Office from Official

We are not Microsoft, Do not take us as Microsoft, We are purely for training and information purposes. This website has nothing to do with Microsoft Office or Microsoft. All logos and names used in the information on this website including Microsoft and Office are the registered trademarks and copyrights of Microsoft and Belong only to Microsoft. We have no affiliation with Microsoft.